my  current shack 

I recieved my first call, DM4UIH, in 1966, when I was 15 years old. My main interest in ham radio is CW on HF bands. I like ragchewing, dxing and sometimes contesting too. In contests, I usually don´t go for scores, but I like operateing. I prefer  proper QSOs. By the way,  I´m an old-fashioned CW Operator, there is no link between my radio and my computer. All logging is left-handed at the keyboard use the morse key righthand if needed at the same time.CW with a key and copy by ears is skill and handiwork. To use a computer for sending or copy CW is self-deluding. A mountain climber don´t use even a heliocopter to reach a summit.
My favoured keys are semiautomatic by Vibroplex. A well trained fist with such a key sounds like music. 
My antenna is a very simple one, but  I have worked the whole world anyway. I operate my rig "barefoot" 
Since 2014, I´m retired after 46 years in business. All I got to do now is enjoying life with my beloved wife Eva, eating, sleeping and ham radio.

Here you can see how I spend my time when not on air.                  

see you  on the air es CW forever      

maybe the character of my life